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UNESCO World Heritage
In year 1987 the Old Town of Lübeck was awarded the title of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Until today the silhouette of the city is characterized by the seven spires of the five main churches. Also the Holsten Gate, a sturdy building with protective walls of 3.5 m and the landmark of the city and the Town Hall complex, one of the most beautiful town halls in Northern Germany, belong to the distinctive cityscape of Lübeck. The unique hidden alleys and courtyards are particularly romantic.

Art & Culture
Lübeck´s museums tell history by telling stories. There is something for every taste - modern art and civil culture, impressive collections of paintings or unique theatre puppets. Lübeck is particularly proud of its three Nobel Price Laureates: Günter Grass, Willy Brandt and Thomas Mann, to whom the city dedicated three individual museums.

Queen of the Hanseatic League
There was no other association of cities of the Middle Ages ever to reach the influence and dimension of the Hanseatic Trading League. Lübeck, Western Europe´s gate to the Baltic Sea trade, quickly became a flourishing City and the head of the Hanseatic League. In the 14th century Lübeck was one of the largest cities of the empire besides Cologne and Magdeburg. But the influence of the Hanseatic League slowly decreased and Lübeck´s importance as the Queen of the Hanseatic League disappeared.


Culinary magic moments
From regional dishes in typical traditional restaurants to international haute cuisine. Lübeck´s hosts offer authentic culinary treats. For hundreds of years Lübeck´s marzipan has been the irresistible top seller and sweet temptation loved by people around the world.

Maritime way of life
Lübeck´s most beautiful daughter promises big ships, sea breeze and fine sandy beaches. Fascinating traditional vessels and huge ferries can be admired up close during a stroll along the Vorderreihe embankment. Authentic maritime Flair can be felt in the fishing port, where fresh fish is being sold from the ship. The jewel in  the seaside resort´s crown is an elegant sailing ship - the four-masted barque Passat. 

Lübeck´s christmas magic
Lübeck, the Christmas City of the North, invites to a unique pre-Christmas atmosphere in front of the impressive backdrop of the UNESCO World Heritage Site! From the end of November until the end of December the Old Town is one big Christmas dream come true. The scent of honey roasted almonds, spiced wine, herb goodies and grilled sausages fills the winter air and the numerous Christmas stalls offer great gift ideas.



Ostsee-Strandfrühstück in Travemünde

Am Meer in den Tag starten am Sonntag, 1. Juli 2018  weiterlesen »


Travemünde – Musik am Meer

Die Konzertreihe “Travemünde – Musik am Meer“ bietet während der Saison vom 19. Juni bis 11. September einen musikalischen Reigen von Jazz, Soul, Pop und Rock bis zur klassischen Sinfonie. Jeweils dienstags geht es zur blauen Stunde ab 17.00 Uhr mal wild, mal kuschelig, mal rockig und mal klassisch zu.  weiterlesen »


Öffentliche Führung: Das Tüpfelchen auf dem „i“

Samstag, 23. Juni, um 15 Uhr im Museumsquartier St. Annen, Lübeck  weiterlesen »